Handkerchief Doll

Isaiah loves making things, so when I came across some cloth napkins and styrofoam balls in a box of craft supplies, I decided to let him make a handkerchief doll with them. He thought that was a pretty cool idea and begged to make more when he finished his.

Isaiah's finished doll

Making the doll is pretty simple.

What you need:
1 large handkerchief or cloth napkin (handkerchiefs are softer)
1 ball–this can be a styrofoam ball, a wad of stuffing or a wooden bead
1 piece of ribbon or yarn, about 12 inches or so

Spread the handkerchief out flat and place the ball in the center. Pull the fabric up around it and make sure there’s a smooth area for the face. (For older kids, you can have them sew a face and hair on with embroidery floss before putting it on the ball, but with little ones, they’ll be drawing features after the doll is assembled.) Take the yarn and wrap it around the fabric, just below the ball, a couple of times, then tie a double knot and bow. Turn your child loose with markers to draw a face, hair and designs on the “dress”.

Coloring the doll's dress

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