Superman Party Ideas

Isaiah turned 4 last month. We waited to have the party until this month, but I wanted to share some of the things we did, in case anyone else is trying to plan a Superman party.


Our food was pretty simple. My mom and I fixed everything for tacos and laid it out so everyone could build their own. Between the taco ingredients and some fruit, it makes it pretty easy, even for picky eaters, to find something everyone likes. I put little signs by the food that listed a super power that the kids would get if they ate it.

Superman Party Superman Party


Isaiah specifically requested cupcakes for his party, so that’s what he had, though I had great ideas for a cake, too. I bought Wilton’s food coloring (well worth it–the colors are so much more vibrant without thinning the batter or icing) and colored the cake batter bright blue. I baked the cupcakes in red paper and topped them with bright yellow icing. I printed off Superman logos and glued them to toothpicks to stick in the tops of the cupcakes and got a “4” candle for Isaiah’s cupcake.

Superman Party Superman Party

The Floor Game

I want to start this section by saying: I’ve seen similar games online in the last couple years, but this is the original. My mom came up with it on her own, long before blogs, when I was Isaiah’s age. We’ve done it at every kid’s party ever since because it’s such a huge hit. Many of my friends started using the game at parties, as well.

To make the floor game, you need to collect a few images that match your party’s theme. In this case, that was Superman pictures. You’ll also need a simple design, like a smiley face or basic outline (I used the Superman logo). Print a few of each kind of picture, making sure there are more of the basic one. For older kids, you’ll want more basic cards, while little kids will need lots of picture cards. The more kids you have, the more pieces you need, to give them room to spread out. These need to be big enough to stand on, so I use a full sheet of card stock when I make it. My mom’s original version was squares made of mat board with smiley faces; pictures were coloring pages that she’d carefully colored herself and taped to blank pieces.

You’ll also need a small prize of some sort to hand out. You’ll be giving out a bunch, so keep it simple. I usually use either tickets (made with theme-appropriate pictures) or M&Ms.

Set up the game by arranging the cards in a large circle on the floor. It’s quick to set up, so we usually set it up when we’re ready to play, rather than stepping around it for the rest of the party. Space the picture cards out randomly through the circle.

The rules are pretty simple. Have all the kids stand on a simple square, no pictures yet. Give the birthday child a large die to roll. When they roll, everyone moves according to the number rolled. If anyone is standing on a picture, give them a prize. Let the kids take turns rolling the die and play until the kids are done or you run out of prizes.

Superman Party Superman Party Superman Party

Find the Bad Guy

This is a simple treasure hunt game. I printed off a cute little characters in the classic black and white jail uniform and hid them around the room before the kids got there. Since we were renting my parents’ church, it was easy to hide them in a different room so no one saw them before it was time to play.

Superman Party Superman Party

Obstacle Course

I gave the kids some simple “flying lessons” and taught them how to leap tall buildings. I made a couple buildings by wrapping cardboard boxes in solid paper and attaching blue squares for windows. The kids jumped over those a few times, then I put them out with a very simple obstacle course. It had them jumping the buildings, walking along a piece of tape (balance beam) and doing a bean bag toss.

Superman Party Superman Party


The kitchen has a big window into the fellowship hall where we were holding the party, so I hung red, blue and yellow streamers from it with balloons at the top. It was a nice way to add some color, while also serving the purpose of hiding the kitchen and the food stuff. I also got a Superman birthday banner that I hung along the counter.

Superman Party Superman Party

I made a cupcake display by wrapping boxes in blue paper and stacking them. This allowed me to put the cupcakes on different layers, instead of just putting them on the flat table. Between the stand and the logos on the cupcakes, it turned the special dessert into a decoration.

Superman Party

I put Superman decorations on the table and had Superman logos on the floor that doubled as targets for the bean bag toss. The buildings the kids jumped over in the obstacle course were arranged on the prize table when they weren’t being used in the game. I opted to keep the decorations pretty simple, since we were using the church and everything had to come down before we could go home.

Superman Party

The kids’ party favors had a few Superman themed toys in them, along with snacks. They also got super hero suckers–Tootsie Pops with capes attached to them. Each kid got a cape to wear during the party and take home with them. I was able to get them in a couple different colors at DollarTree.

Superman Party Superman Party Superman Party
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