A Comfort Corner

I made a comfort corner for Isaiah. He loves it. This is my most recent attempt at helping him learn to calm himself, instead of going totally crazy when he’s overstimulated. I thought I’d share what we did, in case anyone else wants to try it.

So, first off, what is a comfort corner? A comfort corner is basically just a space where a child can get away from some of the constant sensory input of a normal house and regroup. Usually, they have a comfy place to sit and a couple of calming toys. You can use just about anything to make a quiet, comforting space somewhere out of the way, but still in the main part of your house.

Cozy Corner

Showing off his comfort corner with the teddy bear

Isaiah knows he’s free to go into his at any time, but I’ve also strongly encouraged him to go there a few times when he was getting out of control. We’re also using it for a quiet time in the afternoon. He loves crawling in there and has spent quite a bit of time there since I put everything together. I would like for him to learn that this is a safe place to go when he needs a break, no matter what the reason. That could make his life a lot easier.

Cozy Corner

Rest time

Cozy Corner

Playing quietly

Our comfort corner is actually portable. I used a small Cars tent that he got for Christmas. During the day, it’s set up in the living room, where he can have easy access to it. At night, everything gets tucked away so the animals don’t mess with it while it’s unsupervised. Inside, he has a small pillow, a teddy bear, a blanket, some books and a couple of sensory bottles. He’s free to bring anything else that he wants inside, but I try to make sure those things are always there.

Cozy Corner

All the treasures inside the tent

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One thought on “A Comfort Corner

  1. The comfort corner is such a nice idea. It looks really cosy!

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