Lesson Plan: The Best Nest

Topic: The Best Nest

Book: The Best Nest

•Learn about birds’ homes
•Learn about what birds may use to build a nest
•Learn places birds can put their nests


The Best Nest

The Best Nest

Supplies Needed
•Nest Building Supplies
•leaves (base material, we used palm branches that were left from Palm Sunday)
•yarn (for sweater string and stocking string)
•thread (for horse hair and man hair)
•stuffing (for mattress stuffing)
•Washable paints

The Best Nest

Isaiah posing with the supplies and book

The Best Nest

All the nest-building supplies, ready to use

The Best Nest

Feather painting supplies

Large Group Activities
•Talk about birds and where they might live. Ask students for their thoughts. Ask what they might make nests from.
•Read The Best Nest.
•Bring out nest building supplies and pass out a few pieces to each student.
•Have the students help assemble a nest like the one the birds built in the story.

The Best Nest

Excited about his leaves and twigs

The Best Nest

Playing with the leaves

The Best Nest

Soda straws for the nest

The Best Nest

Adding the ''horse hair''

The Best Nest

Isaiah's finished nest

Table Time Activity
•Hand out paper and feathers. Give each student at least two feathers.
•Put paint on trays and allow students to use the feathers as paint brushes to create art.
•Encourage the students to try different techniques, such as stamping or dragging the feather across the page.

The Best Nest

Happily settling in to paint

The Best Nest

Making careful marks

The Best Nest

Showing off his finished painting

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