Lesson Plan: Planting a Garden

Topic: Spring

Planting Flowers

Mini flower garden

Books: Planting a Rainbow

•Learn about gardens and growing things
•Learn about types of flowers and differences between them

•Tiger lily

Supplies Needed
•Watering can (empty)
•Paper cups
•Brown salt dough
•Artificial flowers with long stems

Planting Flowers

Artificial flowers and a cup to ''pot'' them in

Planting Flowers

The flowers

Large Group Activities
•Talk about spring and the things that start to grow as the weather gets warm
•Talk about other changes that come with spring, like birds coming back
•Read Planting a Rainbow
•Tell the students they are flower seeds and “plant” them around the rug, planted children sit
•Walk around the room with an empty watering can to water the students and help them grow, watered students stand slowly, like growing flowers
•Ask students what kind of flower they are (they can pick their favorite or be given an idea) and make a list

Table Time Activity
•Hand out paper cups and a ball of brown salt dough for each student
•Place artificial flowers in the middle of the table for students to choose from to plant in their garden
•Have students decorate cups with stickers and place the salt dough “dirt” into them
•Let each student pick a few flowers to plant in their “dirt” by sticking the stems into the salt dough
•Make sure students’ names are on the cups to take their gardens home

Planting Flowers

Packing the ''dirt'' into his cup

Planting Flowers

Placing the flowers the he chose

Planting Flowers

Finished product--so proud of himself

**Pictures from doing the activity home with Isaiah

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