Lesson Plan: Colors and Mixing Them

Topic: Colors and Mixing Them

Books: Mouse Paint

•Learn the primary colors (red, blue, yellow)
•Learn how to make secondary colors (mix two primaries)
•Make predictions about what happens when mixing two colors
•Primary color—a color that cannot be made by mixing other colors
•Secondary color—a color that can be created by mixing two primary colors

Supplies Needed
•Transparent, colored discs (homemade)*
•3 water bottles
•3 clear cups
•Food coloring
•Colored salt dough
•Bags to send dough home in

Mixing Colors Lesson

Colored water, ready for the activity

Large Group Activities
•Talk about colors with partially transparent, colored discs
•Compile a list of students’ favorite colors
•Demonstrate mixing colors by overlapping colored discs
•Read Mouse Paint
•Put out 3 water bottles, filled with water, add red, yellow and blue food coloring to create primary colors
•Allow students to make predictions about what will happen when water from two bottles is combined.
•Pour water into clear cups to mix colors
•Discuss mixing colors with students

Mixing Colors Lesson

Talking about the primary colors

Mixing Colors Lesson

Showing the mixed colors

Mixing Colors Lesson

Isaiah loved mixing colors

Table Time Activity
•Talk about mixing colors
•Hand out 6 balls salt dough to each student, 2 balls of each primary color
•Talk students through mixing a pair of colors to create another color, then allow students to finish mixing the colors together
•Give students time to play with the salt dough before putting it in bags to take home

Mixing Colors Lesson

The three primary colors, along with the secondaries that we created by mixing two colors

*I made my transparent circles by printing red, blue and yellow circles on a transparency sheet.

**Pictures are from doing the activities at home with Isaiah

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