Lesson Plan: Germs

Large Group Lesson Plan

Topic: Germs!

• Llama, Llama, Home with Mama
• Bear is Sick

• Pictures
• Discussion of illness and germs
• Spray bottle of “germs”

• Introduce students to the concept of germs
• Teach importance of hand washing
• Teach the right way to cover coughs and sneezes to prevent spreading germs

Lesson Order:
• Read Llama, Llama, Home with Mama
• Show pictures, talking about being sick, germs, how germs are spread and what can be done to prevent
spreading germs
• Use “germs” (water) in a misting bottle to show how germs are spread when you cough or sneeze. “Sneeze” on students, without covering. “Sneeze” again into hand, then touch a student to show that germs can go from one person’s hand to another if they don’t wash.
• Read Bear is Sick
• Talk about being sick and what people do to take care of each other. Discuss why those taking care of a sick person get sick, too.

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