Rainbow Cupcakes

I decided to have Isaiah help me bake some cupcakes tonight. He actually did most of the mixing himself. I cut the bag of cake mix open and handed it to him. He was more than happy to dump it into the bowl and only managed to spill a little bit. Adding the water was a little harder. (Note to self: always insist that toddlers use two hands for containers full of liquids.)


''I'm gonna make cupcakes!''

Isaiah had a blast adding ingredients. When it was time to turn the mixer on, I stood behind him and held both his hands in mine. I guided his hands so he could still feel like he was in control and making the cupcakes for himself. He was pretty proud of himself! A couple of times, I caught him stealing batter to taste. I let it go, though. What fun is baking if you can’t taste what you’re making?


Adding water... This was the messy part!

I wanted to try making rainbow cupcakes, so I put food coloring into bowls to mix into the batter. The instructions I used said how many drops to put in each color, so I had Isaiah help me count. He only got to three, but he still thought it was fun.


Putting liners into the pan

Once the colors were mixed and I had carefully poured the various layers into the cupcake pan, I put them in the oven. Isaiah didn’t want to leave for even a second and spent most of their baking time watching them inside the oven. He was so excited when it was finally time to take them out!


Waiting for the cupcakes to come out so he could eat them

Once the cupcakes had had plenty of time to cool, my mom put icing on them (I got dish duty after the horrible mess we made baking!) with some help from Isaiah. He even got to pick the color of the icing. He was thoroughly amazed when I cut one open so he could see the colors inside! I think they turned out pretty well.


The finished product. Pretty cool!

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